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Central Heating System Flushing

Corrosion in central heating systems can lead to a build-up of sludge which, over time, can cause blocked pipes and prevent radiators from heating up correctly. This can increase your utility bills due to the inefficiency of the central heating system. If system flushing is not carried out, the sludge can cause breakdowns, damage to your boiler, and can seriously affect the lifespan of your system.

Indications you need to flush out your heating system:

  • Boiler noises which gradually get worse over time
  • Radiators having a cold area at the bottom
  • Pinholes and leaks developing in radiators
  • Blocked pipework
  • Wearing of pumps and valves

System flushing will remove the build of sludge by flushing it out until the water runs clear, restoring the heating efficiency of your existing central heating system.

System flushing savings and benefits

A system flush can extend the lifetime of your system, as well as lowering the cost of your bills. There are a number of benefits: 

  • Noise reduction from boiler and radiators
  • A more reliable system
  • Lower likelihood of boiler breakdown
  • Improved energy-efficiency 

What is a heating system flushing?

System flushing is essentially a deep clean of your system; removing any dirt, sludge, rust and debris that may have gathered. Such debris can cause blockage or corrosion.

How is system flushing performed?

A cleansing chemical is introduced to your system which is then pumped through your radiators, pipes and boiler to loosen debris, this is then flushed out with water which is pumped through the system flushing out any debris until clear. 

Does a chemical system flush really work?

Chemical flushing is one of the most effective ways of cleaning your central heating system. In Comparison to a Power flush which is abrasive on old pipework, radiators and valves and can often lead to leaks and future problems.

Can a system flush fix cold radiators?

Yes, it can. If your radiator is cold at the bottom, towards the middle of the fitting, you may have a build of sludge. A flush can resolve this if the sludge is the underlying problem.  

What is a MagnaClean?

A MagnaClean is a filter that is designed to protect your boiler from debris entering it. It is designed to catch any debris that is circulating in the system and is always recommended after  a system flush to maximise the life span of the flush.

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