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Why you should keep your boiler switched on this summer

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With the warmer season upon us, focusing on boiler maintenance may seem counterproductive, especially when households and businesses are doing their utmost to keep soaring costs down. We are here to tell you that switching on the boiler this summer can ensure that you remain warm this winter and can save you future expenses.

Keep your boiler running

Preventative maintenance may seem obvious, but many clients tend to only realise the true value of their boilers when the appliance starts to fail. By assessing the function of your boiler when it is warmer and not needed, you will have peace of mind heading into the winter months.

To take these preventative steps, we recommend turning your boiler on in the mornings or, depending on the type of boiler being used, setting the function to summer mode. We want to ensure that the mechanism inside the appliance stays functional – turning it off completely can cause the boiler to seize up or disconnect from the central heating. 

If the weather is unprecedentedly warm, we recommend turning the boiler on for only 45 minutes of the day at the lowest setting, so that it still has time to operate but your building will not succumb to overheating.  

Opt for professional boiler servicing

We recommend arranging your boiler service during summer or the beginning of autumn, as it can get very busy in winter when the demand for boiler maintenance is higher than it usually is. 

While preventative techniques and monitoring can improve the longevity of your boiler, professional servicing is vital to the health of your system and is recommended annually.

If you need your boiler serviced for peace of mind this winter, get in touch with us today!

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