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Why your factory shutdown is the best time to get on top of facilities maintenance

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In order to streamline operations and maximise efficiency in the workplace, it’s important to develop a maintenance plan to carry out checks and repairs during your business’s shutdown period. 

By doing so you can avoid short-term expenses that arise by dedicating time to checking the facilities and equipment across your entire business.

Today we are taking time to look at why your business shutdown period is the best opportunity to update and repair your equipment and facilities for your staff.

Preventative maintenance during shutdown

Preventative maintenance is the process of identifying underlying issues before they become larger-scale problems that have a negative impact on a business. 

This includes checking equipment used for operations as well as the facilities used by your entire workforce day in and day out. 

This can range from boilers and central heating systems to basins and showers, and, depending on the size of your business, your facilities may be in use by a large number of people every day. 

Therefore, wear and tear over long periods of time can result in the need for extensive repairs that can take several days or weeks.

Conducting preventative maintenance during your shutdown period helps to prevent future shutdowns due to issues getting out of hand, missed deadlines due to unexpected shutdowns, damaged facilities that can’t be used, and workplace injuries or hazards.

For example, if there is a small leak in your staff washroom from the basin, your company shutdown period is the perfect opportunity to get this fixed to avoid slipping hazards and ensure that the basin is in good working order before your workforce return.

Updating staff facilities 

Not only does maintenance during shutdown periods decrease the likelihood of future issues with equipment and facilities, but the process ensures that everything is maintained to a high standard. 

Updating staff facilities such as showers, WCs, urinals, basins, and economic hand dryers is essential to ensure your staff can maintain an adequate level of hygiene and access the facilities that they need.

Keeping track of the condition of your equipment is key during a shutdown, as while everything is out of use it will be easier to identify any outlying issues.

However, when checking which facilities need to be updated, whether your business needs a brand new boiler or hand-dryer repairs, try and avoid quick-fix solutions. 

Although it can be tempting to use a quick fix instead of re-installing equipment to get your business back up and running, it’s better for your business’s longevity if you fix the problem the right way the first time. 

Washroom upgrades 

If you find yourself in need of repairs and updates to your facilities during your shutdown period, there are many ways you can upgrade the washrooms you have to make them more suitable for the running of your business.

For example, there is the option of installing brand-new toilet systems including replacement ball valves, tanks, and overflows to ensure waste is properly transported away from your building. 

On the other hand, it may be that your washrooms need to be completely replaced to include new showers, toilets, basins, hot and cold services, and improved pipe work. 

All of these washroom upgrade jobs can be carried out most effectively during a shutdown period as repairs can be conducted without causing disruption or hazards for staff. 

Need to get your essential workplace maintenance jobs underway? Whickham Plumbing can help. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote. 

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